Open-enrolment programmes
We all need a helping hand now and then

Make it count when you talk

Do you sometimes:

  • avoid certain subjects which you really should be addressing?
  • leave work tired and stressed with the feeling of not having accomplished what you wanted to?
  • have difficulty getting on with and working with certain colleagues?
  • struggle to be listened to or to ask for something?
  • tend to say ‘yes’ just so as not to rock the boat?
  • find yourself going around in circles rather than tackling issues directly?
  • find yourself being too directive or not listening enough in times of stress?
  • need a little help to boost your career or prepare yourself for a new challenge?

Participating in an Interactifs seminar will allow you to make significant progress in : 

Your capacity to inspire others to do what you want them to do

Your capacity for boldness and courage

Your capacity for impact and influence

Your effectiveness in dealing with others in meetings and conversations

Your ability to listen acutely

Your ability to negotiate and hold a position

Your ability to create high quality relationships

Programme structure

Session 1

Face-to-face training with a first trainer (for a maximum of 8 people)

Duration: 2-3 days

Telephone coaching

2 individual telephone follow-up sessions with a second trainer

Duration: 2 x 1 hour

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Open-enrolment Seminars

21-22 October 2021

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