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Everything we do is (largely) made-to-measure

It’s taken us more than 30 years to develop the Interactifs Discipline© – and it remains our pride and joy.  It combines an original vision of business relations and a simple and effective teaching approach. The Interactifs Discipline© is at the heart of all our projects. It will enable you to effect deep-seated changes in behaviour and in interpersonal relations; and to tackle radically different challenges in a way that is nevertheless entirely scalable.


We build training programmes with our clients which are adapted to their personal challenges or the challenges facing their business. Sometimes the challenge is to sell more. Sometimes it’s to manage better. Sometimes it’s to influence more or to hold a position or to dare to speak up and be heard.

We understand your challenges

We have a real understanding of what it means to be a director, a manager or a sales-person in almost all sectors. This understanding comes both from the professional experience of our trainers and from the hundreds of projects and thousands of participants on which and with whom we’ve worked since 1989.

This allows us to:

  • Build programmes which meet your needs and your challenges
  • Deliver training which is relevant for your employees and immediately applicable

What we can do for your employees

  • Save time and energy
  • Create cohesion and solidarity, communicate a state of mind
  • Develop a capacity for being productive together
  • Prepare and rehearse specific high stakes situations
  • Act with authority
  • Implement the company strategy with discernment
  • Hold positions in a way which earns the respect of the team
  • Infuse energy via behaviour which is committed, transparent and ethical
  • Federate resources around a project
  • Build respect and confidence with colleagues from other departments
  • Sell more
  • Be more daring in your sales approach
  • Assess more quickly what a commercial relationship can produce
  • Negotiate better whilst preserving the relationship and knowing how to obtain counterparts
  • Re-discover a taste for winning and the pleasure in an achieved goal
  • Convey a professional image which is dynamic and which will show the company in its best light
  • Build respect and confidence with the support functions
  • Federate resources around a project and a mission
  • Compensate a lack of hierarchical authority by conveying authority through the way you behave
  • Run meetings more productively
  • Hold positions whilst preserving interests and relationships
  • Get better deals without compromising relationships
  • Negotiate with transparency and respect
  • Reduce the chances of line managers by-passing the purchasing function
  • Polish the image of the purchasing function
  • Convey a positive and attractive image for the company to existing and potential employees
  • Function effectively as a team with senior management to best serve both employees and the company’s HR strategy
  • ‘Sell’ the HR function to staff and managers
  • Deal more comfortably and more respectfully with subjects which are complex or risky from a social or legal standpoint
  • Build smoother relationships with employee representative groups

What we can do for your company

  • Demonstrate empathy without compromising on expertise
  • Be more comfortable wearing the multiple hats of project salesperson, project deliverer, project manager
  • Engage the client as a partner in sales discussions rather than an adversary
  • Emerge from often difficult negotiations with buyers with the relationship – or at a minimum your self-respect – intact
  • Lead clients to be more open in sharing their issues and challenges and encourage them to take a position more quickly
  • Get decisions from interested parties on projects despite objectives which are sometimes in opposition and political agendas which are rarely acknowledged
  • Differentiate yourself via your behaviour in circumstances where it’s sometimes difficult to differentiate yourself via your products or services
  • Imbue clients who have often learned to be distrustful of financial institutions with renewed confidence
  • Create a point of difference via your way of behaving when you don’t have a point of difference in terms of products or services
  • Be bolder and more transparent in your commercial intentions whilst always respecting rules and regulatory authorities
  • Seize commercial opportunities without being seen as opportunistic (i.e., find the right balance between the customers’ needs and the company’s current product priorities)
  • Reawaken customers’ desire to come into the branch and talk to an advisor
  • Rediscover pleasure in selling and banish the notion that selling is somehow a sordid enterprise
  • Learn to say no to requests for discounts and price reductions whilst preserving the relationship; and to say yes whilst preserving the company’s interests by obtaining counter-parts
  • Be better at demonstrating empathy without compromising on expertise
  • Make more impact whilst always behaving elegantly

In general

  • Smooth relations between head office and the countries and between the manufacturer and the dealer network
  • Give customers a reason to come into the dealership other than negotiating a purchase, taking a test drive, having a regular service done or a repair carried out


  • Improve the image of sales generally and of car salesmen in particular and give customers a new sense of trust and confidence
  • Focus more on the relationship with clients and less on automobile technique or process compliance
  • Negotiate with transparency and respect

Managing the network

  • Use the strength of the relationship for getting over a point of view
  • Identify more clearly what’s negotiable and what’s not negotiable when making demands of the network
  • Gains in impact and natural authority when talking to dealership managers, in the absence of any hierarchical authority
  • Feel capable of supporting difficult decisions made by the manufacturer
  • Deal on an equal-to-equal basis with dealership principals/owners and earn their respect
  • Allow people whose jobs don’t put much emphasis on dealing with others to (re)discover pleasure in doing so
  • Attach the same importance to empathy as to expertise
  • Get your message across whilst keeping things simple
  • Increase your capacity for exercising influence despite the size and complexity of structures and organisations
  • Share effective ways of behaving within large international organisations where people from different cultures and professional backgrounds work side by side
  • Know how to establish close relationships even between teams who work a long way apart from each other
  • Polish the image of medical reps, a job whose reputation has sometimes suffered
  • Find a point of difference in a very competitive landscape occupied by a small number of big players ready to spend large sums to win the loyalty of doctors
  • Increase the frequency of prescriptions to compensate for the decrease in margins caused by the arrival of generics
  • Win back the confidence and the patience of the medical profession
  • Do business without coming over as coarse or crude in the eyes of the medical profession
  • Accede to requests from doctors whilst obtaining counterparts from them to preserve the company’s interests; or refuse those requests without damaging the doctor’s willingness to prescribe your product
  • Remain fresh and relevant despite the high frequency of visits
  • Increase the rigour with which meetings are prepared and followed up

When delivered for a group of people who work together, our seminars not only contribute to the team’s productivity but also have a strong “team-building” effect:

  • the emotions which are stirred during one of our seminar create the kind of strong bonds which only come about through an intense shared experience
  • when delivered from top to bottom within an organisation, our seminars create a common behavioural code which is “grafted” onto the existing corporate culture and which has a positive impact on the latter in terms of interpersonal relations

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